Comuzzi 850

Comuzzi 850 is a new interesting wooden boat built by one of the most important Italian shipyard:
Cantiere navale Carlini (Rimini).
It come back to the limelight with this week-end sailer designed by arch. Alessandro Comuzzi.
This boat is designed to realize a small series for shipowners who love modern wooden boats with a very high building quality.
Indeed, this boat is built with red cedar strip planking.
Interior is minimal, but complete for week-end use: 2 or 4 beds, a wc and a small stove.
The boat is perfect also for club regatta and is trailable with a medium car (it can be also container-carried around the word).
The hull has been studied for less wet surface and optimized also for light-wind conditions.
Good stability is also guaranteed by the keel designed with a 190 cm steel blade deep torpedo.
Sail plan is balanced and a fixed bowsprit is provided to arm a gennaker.
This is not an extreme boat, but a good-balanced small yacht for sailing with friends or family.


  • Loa = 850 cm
  • B max = 250 cm
  • Draft 190 cm
  • Disp = 1900 kg
  • Sail upwind = 40 mq
  • Construction = Cold molded wood
  • Engine = SD 10 cv
  • Design= Alessandro Comuzzi architetto
  • Shipyard= Cantiere Navale Carlini