Parigi 30 / 30R

A new project created to meet well defined requirements: the desire to use the boat single for daysailing and for some races and the need of a minimum shelter to stay for the night. This results in a boat with good stability, self tacking jib, cleaning and optimization of maneuvers for safety, a small inboard diesel, a toilet, a small sink and 2 or 4 berths (using the dinette).
The boat also respects such dimensions as to be inserted into a container of 40 'to ensure a simple shipment worldwide.
The building is made in 3 layers of cross laminated mahogany frame with plywood and cedar built by Cantiere Navale De Cesari in Milano Marittima, Italy.
The boat has a depth of 220 cm and a torpedo of 600 kg (blade + torpedo makes 700 kg).
The ballast is more than a third of the total weight of the boat. However, the concept is not that of an extreme boat, but rather a safe and fast boat.

Implementing the historical the know-how of the Italian shipwrights together with modern technology of West System © resin, De Cesari shipyard obtains a wood laminate with excellent mechanical properties and lifetime which enables the designer to create wooden boats with a contemporary design.
The modern wood construction is used for more than 50 years, and hulls and structures are always in excellent condition. Today, with the new epoxy resins, longevity is improved. The fact to consider is that, compared to fiberglass boats, the structure is not "disposable" but destined to last long as there is no risk of osmosis, delamination etc. The other advantage of wood + epoxy is its rigidity, which is why the fastest boats are made with this technique. Its low density allowing the laminate to be a lightweight material, if you compare it to fiberglass, with equal flexibility and in boats of equivalent weight, wood + epoxy is more solid more durable in time!


  • Loa = 950 cm
  • Lwl = 890 cm
  • B max = 250 cm
  • Draft 220 cm (lifting keel 150-220 cm)
  • Disp = 2100 kg
  • Sail upwind = 47 mq (race 57 mq)
  • Construction = Cold molded wood
  • Engine = Lombardini SD 13 cv
  • Shipyard= De Cesari -Cervia- Italy
  • Powered by = Eurosails
  • Engineering = ing. Andrea Canciani

Boats built

  • #1 RZ-7
  • #2 Kazahaya
  • #3 P-30 RACE

BROCHURE Parigi 30 daysailer