COMUZZI 32 concept

Proposal 2020

This boat is designed for able-bodied people as well as people on wheelchair, without distinction. It has sleek lines and a conduction system responsive as on a racing boat, offering a comfortable and relaxing commanding position. The overall aesthetics is characterized by the great steering wheel without rays and a mobile platform that enables the inclination of wheelchair when the boat is inclinated. The aim of this project was to conceive right away a boat without barriers and not to adapt it afterwards for people on wheelchair. The steering wheel, unlike other existing systems on boats for disabled persons, allows handicapped as well as able-bodied to command in any position, ensuring a classical sensibility on the steering wheel.


  • Loa = 970 cm
  • B max = 250 cm
  • Draft = lifting keel 150-220 cm
  • Disp = 1900 kg
  • Sail upwind = 57 mq
  • Construction = Sandwich E-Glass
  • Shipyard = Comuzzi