Y 11.90

The project stems from the need to design a boat fast and competitive, environmentally friendly, with a low production cost but with high quality materials.
The boat has a modern design with round bilge hull.
Is applied to a particular construction technique for the realization of the hull.
The reasons that underlie the work lie in three key points, understood in a synergistic way and in this order:
The market : project for a client that is not abstract, which takes into account specific aspects such as the economy segment performance and environmental sustainability with the absence of molds and ease of reuse and disposal materials to end of life.
The work : attention to the size of the human and technical workers , believing that building a wooden boat, and not with a molded fiberglass , gratifies the operator and is reflected in improving its quality of life.
The material : the wood in the version of marine plywood associated with epoxy resins is a cheap material, flexible in use, durable and long lasting in performance, even when compared to the sandwich of glass fiber and naturally filled with rolled, approaching values ​​of the laminates carbon .
The result is a boat with a classic line , for a Mediterranean cruise fast and for the race, with interior design essential and efficient building system fast and precise cuts with cnc and finally with a price that fit in a wide range of market.


Loa = 11.9 m
Lwl = 10.23 m
B max = 3.18 m
Draft = 1.95 m
Disp = 4677 kg
Disp sail = 5200 kg
Sail plan 9/10
Sail surface = 86.2 m2
Construction = Plywood /strip planking


Millennium Yacht Design Award MYDA 2013